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The Life of a Fashionista

Every person has his own reasons why he wakes up every morning. Everyone has to do daily tasks that require time and effort. On my part, I must say I have a very busy life. I sometimes even laugh at the fact that I don’t even have a concept of morning and evening because my life and work as a fashionista is continuous 24/7.

My Daily Routine

As an aspiring fashion designer, my life has drastically changed when I started studying about it. At the same time, I have my dose of work, such as internship that really keeps my life very busy. Every day, I have to wake up as early as 5am to prepare myself for a challenging day. Usually, I just take a quick bath, put on the appropriate make up, wear the clothes I want and I am ready to go out. When on the streets, I usually buy coffee to jumpstart my morning. At around 8am I eat a light but healthy breakfast. I know how demanding my work is, so I ensure that my body is not sacrificed. I also take a few minutes several times during the day to relax my mind. I believe that giving the brain a break allows it to recharge and regenerate brain cells that can help me with my work, which involves a lot of thinking.

My Daily Tasks

When it comes to my daily tasks, I can tell everyone that it involves a lot of different work. For one, I need to check my email frequently. This is to monitor if there are replies from clients or new messages from potential clients. I also need to check if there are invitations for fashion shows. Usually, there are invites to open their show, which is one of the things that excite me. Other tasks that are done mostly during mornings include fittings, brainstorming and meetings, preparing for a shoot or show. (more…)

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Great Ideas from Fashion School

I started dreaming about making it big in the fashion industry since I was a little kid. I can remember I always play dolls and make dresses for them. I use my grandmother’s needles and threads. I also have a collection of fashion magazines where I get my inspiration and ideas in sewing little dresses for my dolls. When I look back to these memories, I can’t help but smile because I am now a few steps closer to my dreams. I am now in a fashion school and learning has never been this exciting and fun. Below are some of the lessons one can expect to learn from a fashion school.

Art History and Design Theories

I have encountered aspiring designers who think that studying fashion is simply about the ideas on how to create beautiful clothes. Well, I have learned in school that they are wrong. To be more equipped and knowledgeable about the industry and how to really create amazing designs, one has to study the long history of art and fashion. It involves collection and development of concepts. Then, there are also theories about color and design, which are the basic ideas that one has to master. There are also lessons about draping, pattern making, principles of design, professional practices, fashion sketching, fashion merchandising, textiles, sewing and garment construction, and others.

Work to Make it Work

Aside from theories, I have also learned that achieving a dream in the industry is never easy. Hard work is in understatement. It requires blood and sweat before one can make it big. The first steps are the most difficult ones and requires a lot of hard work even when the body says it can’t do the tasks. Fashion is a very lucrative business but it is also very tough and challenging. I have heard the stories about the experiences of other aspiring designers and it makes me want to cry. (more…)

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Fashion Empowers Me

Of the many things I love in life, fashion is the one thing that always makes me excited. It is like my coffee every morning. I don’t sleep and wake up without thinking of anything related about it. Before I got out, I make it sure that my clothes are appropriate for my schedules for the day. I just ensure that I don’t go out of style or my clothes are not awkwardly matched. These are some of the reasons why I study fashion. Read on below to find out more about my love and passion for the art of making and wearing beautiful clothes.

Well-known designers

One reason why I love fashion is because I aspire to be one of the well-known designers – not just locally but across the globe. I want to start my own line because, first, it is a great source of income. I want to get rich because I love what I am doing. I really admire the designers who are now successful and enjoying the fruits of their hard work and creativity. According to latest surveys, some of the designers included in the top ten are Miuccia Prada, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Patrizio Bertelli, Stefano Gabbana, Domenico Dolce, Valentino Garavani, Diane Von Furstenberg, Christian Candy, and Michael Kors. Each has $11.1 billion, $9.9 billion, $7 billion, $6 billion, $2 billion, $2 billion, $1.5 billion, $1.2 billion, $1.1 billion, and $ billion respectively. Isn’t it fun to earn billions from the craft you really love? Earning big makes one’s status as high as the music and film celebrities.


Another reason why I love fashion is the sense of authority it gives me. On the one hand, it makes one credible if he is able to make a name in the industry. With this, people start to consider the name or brand as one of their top options when choosing clothes for whatever occasion or season. On the other hand, it makes me feel like I am the boss whenever I am wearing high-end, elegant, sophisticated or well-designed clothes. I am always feeling good especially if the clothes are not just appealing but also very comfortable to wear. I hate it when the material is irritating the skin.

Challenges creativity

Many designers are now known because of their determination. However, hard work is not enough especially now that there are more and more individuals who aspire to be famous and make a name. One of the key factors for success industry is creativity. That is why aspiring designers are always challenged to think out of the box but not too much. Sometimes, being avant-garde is not helpful.

It is for these reasons that I want to pursue my dreams in fashion.